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About Littepasser

Littlepasser is a handcraft brand, design for Leisure Travel.

Our slogan is “Travel is simple and casual, everyone should write own travel memories. To create the most intimate handcraft travel goods as a  traveller. 

We love creativity. We love travel. We believed that a good design can change our life and the world. Action, effort and belief is the basic requirement to achieve all goals. So we founded Littlepasser, hope that through the design,  change the world, little by little.

Our Team

Jayne Chan


Jayne is a senior cross-media creative designer. She was work in multimedia, advertising, product and animation etc. for many years. Always dreaming on creating her own brand. This is “Littlepasser”.

Bao Chan


The founder and the boss of Littlepasser. The Elder Sister of twelve brothers and sisters. She manages the day to day operations of studio. Every moment to protect the studios and artist. Our travel partner.

Anson Au


He was born in Hong Kong, a blogger, designer and photographer. Engaged in various fields of design work. Someday, he found his dream work and creating it. Is this is the “Littlepasser”.

Our Creative Code


The beauty of handmade is that you can come to one activity, or as many as you like, depending on your creative and inspiring. Each works on behalf of your soul. We just to create useful, beautiful things for people to enjoy.


We try to merge modern, vintage style with an old and traditional medium. They seem to be polar opposites, but when the combination is well done, the results are beautiful and unique. We want to create all products that are  and functional. done, the results are beautiful and unique. We want to create all products that are unique and wonderful.


Today, whether you’re cloth or your dish, most of the household production by factory. Although the work is quite perfect, but can’t feel the vitality in our hand. So, our artists to texture of the material when design products. Users to hold in the hand, can feeling the vitality of our artwork.


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