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Craftsmart@Youth Square 青年廣場「創藝墟」


We’re happy to tell you that we’ve got a booth at the Craftsmart 2013 held by the Youth Square on 5 Oct 2013 from 12nn to 6pm.

There are over 200 booth on this Craft Mart selling all sorts of creative handmade goods. Our Booth No. is 106. Have fun and would like to see you there !

Youth Square: 238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan. Hong Kong

很高興告訴大家我們將會在10月5日柴灣青年廣場的創藝墟和大家見面,有超過200個來自不同國家手作人在那裡售賣手作品,有興趣的朋友不容錯過,我們是106攤位, 希望到時可以見到您啦。


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